UK payroll software: why and how to choose?

January 12, 2024

Payroll is an essential task for any UK-based business with one or more employees. It involves numerous operations, such as calculating and paying salaries, monitoring social security contributions, assessing taxes and taking into account various social deductions. All these small tasks, which are repeated for each employee and must be carried out on a regular basis, can be time-consuming. They are also prone to potential errors, given the minute details that need to be considered. That's where payroll management software comes in, to simplify payroll operations.

Payroll software, a decisive tool for managing your business in the UK

Payroll software is an IT tool that simplifies and automates payroll processes. In the management processes of your company, it can save you time and money ; it helps you to develop more efficient payment routines.

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Reduce errors and save time

One of the main advantages of a payroll software is that it reduces human errors that occur during payroll tasks. Since human errors can lead to penalties, disputes and dissatisfaction, the use of payroll software helps to minimise them. Payroll software also saves you time by eliminating repetitive manual tasks such as data entry, calculating totals and issuing pay slips one after the other. 

Automation and compliance with the law

The payroll IT solution also makes it possible to automate calculations: variables and changes relating to salaries, contracts, absences or bonuses are automatically taken into account. When you run a business in the UK, payroll software also helps you to ensure that your practices comply with regulations. In particular, companies must guarantee their employees the minimum wage set by law. They must also ensure that tax and social security contributions are deducted at source.

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What are the essential features of payroll software?

Payroll software must meet the specific needs of companies and employees, in terms of executing and monitoring the various payroll operations. The most important functions include:

  • automatic calculation of wages and deductions ;
  • managing deductions ;
  • report creation ;
  • integration with other systems.

How to choose the best payroll software for your business?

The choice of payroll software depends on the size of the company, the activity, the number of employees and the budget. When choosing a software package, you can take the cost into account (purchase price or subscription, installation or updating costs, support packages, etc.). Also consider ease of use. 

This parameter helps you know what skills level will be required to use the software; you can then determine whether you are prepared to initiate any training sessions for your staff on how to use the software. Also take into account the quality of customer support, the availability of communication channels, integration with software already used in-house and the ease of data transfer.